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Our Services

  • Comprehensive Eye Examinations

    We provide a wide-range of eye examinations for each person’s specific needs. We want to make clear and comfortable vision a reality for each patient by taking their daily activities, work environment, hobbies and sports into account.

  • Paediatric Optometry

    Special visual evaluations for children differs according to age, but typically includes: Evaluation of colour vision, visual related learning disorders, coordinated image perception, eye coordination, eye focus, and eye muscle control.

  • Personal Frame Selection & Assistance

    Frames have become more than just corrective eyewear; they have become part of our daily appearance and for many, a fashion accessory.

  • Basic Vision Therapy

    We are about giving comprehensive assistance for your vision. Thus our basic vision therapy programme enables us to offer our patients individualised treatment programmes for their individual needs related to vision disorders.

  • Complete Contact Lens Evaluation

    We provide contact lens examinations, advice and fitting of the latest and most appropriate contact lenses for each individual. At Paruk Optometrists we understand that comfort, especially when it comes to vision and the physical eye, is important.

  • Fitting and Dispensing of Contact Lenses

    Contact lens fittings are done with the greatest precision and care and at Paruk Optometrists we understand that contact lenses are medical devices therefore should not be dispensed just by anyone.

Some Of The Brands We Offer: